Hunan Huawei Jingcheng Material Technology Co., Ltd.

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Hunan HuaWei Aerospace Special Materials Co., Ltd., located in the Yuelu Mountain National Science and Technology Park, is engaged in the R & D, manufacturing and application of titanium, zirconium, hafnium, rare earth materials and its binary compound or polycompound (carbide, nitride, silicide, boride, sulfide) and other nano, sub-nano ceramic powder and related products.

The Company possesses 8 R & D personnel, including one doctoral supervisor, one with post-doctoral degree, one with doctor degree and three with master degrees. The Company owns 7 invention and utility model patents. Prof. LIU Heping, the Chief Technologist of the Company, enjoying the State Council Special Allowance, has won the Third Prize of National Technology Invention and multiple prizes of COSTIND and Hunan Provincial Science and Technology Department, and he is a well-known expert in domestic and overseas power metallurgy industry. Our Company has developed long-term relationships with Chinese Academy of Science, Hunan University, Central South University and other domestic well-known research institutes, universities and colleges. In order to guarantee the quality of products, the Company is equipped with XRF-1800 Scanning X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer, JEOL2013 High Resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy, JJG009-2012 Target-Rotating X-Ray Polycrystal Diffractometer, Malvern Laser Particle Size Analyzer and other special testing equipment for nano and sub-nano powder.

Since the establishment, with the support of strong R & D capabilities and advanced manufacturing technology, the Company achieves success in vicious market competition by virtue of the outstanding quality of products, introducing new and upgrading in the manner of exploring untouched aspects and unceasing innovations - always keeps ahead of others. Currently, products of the Company have been widely used in national defense, aerospace, electronic information, special ceramic, nuclear materials, metallurgy materials and other high-tech fields, and some highly sophisticated products have been sold directly to Europe, USA, Canada, Japan and other markets, with long-term stable clients. The Company is capable to undertake the R & D and manufacturing of new products, and accepts sales agent and other cooperation ways.

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●2018.3Huawei Company settled in the Lushan Industrial Park. The company expanded its production workshop to optimize the working environment, improve production equipment and improve product quality.
● 2017.7Huawei Company has expanded the product depth on the products of niobium carbide and niobium boride, and produced products of different purity specifications to meet the different needs of the market.
●2016.5Huawei introduced the production equipment, optimized the production process, and fulfilled the slogan of "based on science and technology and development with quality".
●2015.7Huawei successfully developed and mass-produced zirconium carbide.
●2015.2Huawei Company made further breakthroughs and successfully developed nano-zirconium carbide.
●2014.12Huawei Company launched refractory metallization materials - tantalum carbide, tantalum boride, tantalum silicide, tantalum powder, zirconium carbide, zirconium boride, titanium boride and other products.
●In December 2013, Huawei Aerospace Special Materials Co., Ltd. was established, mainly producing and selling niobium carbide, niobium boride and zirconium carbide.

Hunan Huawei Jingcheng Material Technology Co., Ltd. Hunan Huawei Jingcheng Material Technology Co., Ltd. Hunan Huawei Jingcheng Material Technology Co., Ltd. Hunan Huawei Jingcheng Material Technology Co., Ltd.
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North America

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Brands : HW-HT

No. of Employees : 100~200

Annual Sales : 500-1000

Year Established : 2017

Export p.c : 80% - 90%